Franklin Street Properties is committed to maintaining and enhancing the sustainability of our portfolio of commercial real estate in order to reduce our environmental footprint and maximize investor returns. A combination of prudent investing and proper maintenance of building envelopes and systems will likely yield the most economical returns, as well as generate meaningful environmental benefits. The measurement, benchmarking and analysis of energy and water consumption at FSP buildings will reveal those assets that stand to benefit most significantly from additional sustainability measures, and allow us to track the progress of such efforts. The employment of modern technologies, such as real-time energy monitoring, participation in multiple benchmarking programs (ENERGY STAR, LEED, 2030 District), as well as the sharing of best practices provide FSP with opportunities for continuous improvement. FSP's investment in well-managed, high performing commercial properties not only provides a better work environment for our tenants and increased value to our investors, but also makes a meaningful contribution to the health of the environment.